Meet Dr. Khan


Aliya Khan is a Clinical Professor of Medicine, Divisions of Endocrinology andMetabolism and Geriatrics at McMaster University and Director of the CalciumDisorders Clinic at McMaster University Medical Centre. She is also the Director ofthe Fellowship program in Metabolic Bone Disease at McMaster University.

She graduated from the University of Ottawa Medical School with Honors. Shetrained in Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine and Endocrinology at the Universityof Toronto and also completed a research fellowship in Calcium and Metabolic Bonedisorders at the University of Toronto.

She has published over 200 scientific papers on osteoporosis and parathyroiddisease as well as numerous book chapters. She is the Editor of the Handbook ofParathyroid Diseases. She co-chaired the International Workshops on PrimaryHyperparathyroidism as well as the International Workshop onHypoparathyroidism. Dr. Khan is the Chair of the Rapid Response Committee ofOsteoporosis Canada; a Scientific Advisor of the International OsteoporosisFoundation and Chair of the International Osteonecrosis of the Jaw Task Force.

Dr. Khan has received numerous awards including the International ClinicianInstructor of the Year 2011 award by the International Society of ClinicalDensitometry. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for 2012 for excellence in clinicalcare, research, and teaching as well as the International Hypoparathyroidism Awardfor 2014 and the International Osteoporosis Foundation award for publishingexcellence in 2017.


What is osteoporosis?
How is osteoporosis diagnosed?
Can osteoporosis be treated?
What roles do rehabilitation, diet, and exercise play?

Bone Research and Education Centre

The BREC is a Centre of Excellence in the Diagnosis and Management of Metabolic Bone Disease, Calcium and Parathyroid Disorders. The goals and objectives of the BREC are:

  1. To deliver state of the art clinical  care to people with metabolic bone disease or calcium and parathyroid disorders.
  2. Advance clinical research in understanding the mechanisms for disease development and  development of new drug therapy
  3. Disseminate knowledge providing physicians both generalists and specialists with the tools to diagnose and treat bone diseases and calcium disorders.
  4. Provide an onsite multi-media learning centre for patients and physician

The Center will provide clinical care with on site diagnosis and management of complex metabolic bone diseases, calcium and parathyroid diseases. Clinical research will focus on developing new therapies for osteoporosis, renal osteodystrophy and parathyroid diseases. Bone biopsies will continue to be completed at Halton Healthcare Services. Bone Density studies will be completed on site.

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