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Hajar Abu Alrob


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Alison Mago, RN


Registered Nurse
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M.A. Majeed Khan, B.Comm. Hons, CFP

Majeed specializes in the Finance and Business Management, and he oversees the business operations of the Centre.

Business Manager
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Imran Tariq

Imran graduated from Lakehead University, where his studies focused on Gerontology. He has worked as a researcher for over 4 years, and he specializes in the areas of aging, social behavior, imaging, and materials. Imran also has a background in engineering and technology, and has received PMI certified project management training. He brings a wealth of multidisciplinary knowledge to the Centre, and strives to provide the best care for our patients.

Imran is also multilingual, and he speaks English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi.

Office Manager and Research Associate
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Tadacia James


Head Administrator
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Namrah Siraj


Research Physician
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Tina Zebart, Ph.D.

Tina Ziebart is a BoneFit™ Trained kinesiologist. She graduated her undergraduate and master’s from the University of Waterloo in Kinesiology. She is currently working on her PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences in a combined physical therapy program at Western University.

Tina has built her career around teaching exercise to people with osteoporosis, both through research and clinically. In research, Tina has published several studies on exercise in people with osteoporosis, looking at the barriers and facilitators to exercise, understanding the influence of forward head posture on daily activities, and applying clinical frameworks to treating people with osteoporosis. She will continue her research in her Ph.D. by gaining a better understanding of patient’s expectations related to exercise, and also by running a randomized controlled trial on the effects of exercise, nutrition and falls prevention.

Clinically, Tina has worked as a kinesiologist at a physio clinic. She has worked one on one with patients with osteoporosis, across all age groups with a variety of chronic conditions. Beyond that, Tina has been the Kinesiologist working at the Bone Research and Education Centre teaching group exercise classes to Dr. Khan’s patients with osteoporosis. This program has been successfully running for two years and has taught over 50 people which movements to avoid in daily activities, which exercise are beneficial and which ones to avoid. Patients attending this group exercise class have noticed their strength and balance improving. Many of them feel that they are able to return to their daily activities, feeling stronger and more capable.

This exercise program runs every other Tuesday at 10am. The schedule for the rest of the year is as follows:

September 18 / October 2 / October 16 / October 30 / November 13 / November 27


Exercise Class description:

Exercise is a non-pharmacological intervention for individuals with osteoporosis. Exercise has been shown to increase strength and improve balance, which may reduce falls and fracture risk. Individuals with osteoporosis have identified increased adherence to exercise if they are recommended to exercise from their physician, however, physicians do not have enough time or expertise to provide adequate exercise advice. Therefore, a partnership was created with a physician specializing in treating individuals with osteoporosis, and a kinesiologist specializing in exercise for people with osteoporosis. The BoneFitness program is an exercise program offered the physician’s office, teaching individuals with osteoporosis safe movements, upper and lower body strengthening and balance training exercises. The program is 60-minutes in length and is offered once weekly. The program has continued to grow, however, enrolment continues to be the biggest challenge. Future directions will aim to increase enrolment, target men, and provide more information on safe movement during specific activities such as gardening.

BoneFitness is an osteoporosis exercise program offered by a BoneFit™ trained exercise instructor. The main goal of the program is to teach safe movements in a fitness class setting to be incorporated into activities of daily living. Largely, the program is designed to not only teach individuals safe movements but to encourage them to translate those safe movements into their day-to-day activities.  The program accomplishes this goal by reviewing spine sparing exercise techniques at the start of every class, and then provides examples of when to observe spine-sparing movements during daily activities. For example, patients are taught to bend from their hip rather than their spine, and then are encourage to bend from their hips when emptying the dishwasher, picking something off the ground, or grabbing clothes from a bottom drawer.

The program is divided into four parts: spine sparing strategies, lower body strengthening, upper body strengthening and balance. The class sizes are kept small (less than 7 individuals per class) to ensure proper movements, but to also ensure appropriate tailoring of the exercises to the individual. The program takes place once a week, in a one-hour class. The program takes place in the doctor’s office and therefore runs when the physician is on clinical duty at the hospital, rather than in her clinic. There is no clear start and finish date of the program, it is ongoing. Meaning that participants are not asked to enroll for a specific day, they are welcome to join the class at any week. That being said, there may be some individuals in the class that have attended many times and some individuals that have attended once. As well, there are no restrictions on who might be involved in the class. Older adults looking to gain some lower extremity strength and balance, and younger older adults that have been active their whole life might be in the same class at the same time. The variation in physical fitness emphasizes the need of keeping the class sizes small.

This exercise program runs every other Tuesday at 10am. The schedule for the rest of the year is as follows:

September 18 / October 2 / October 16 / October 30 / November 13 / November 27


To learn more about exercise please see some videos featuring our exercise instructor Tina Ziebart:

Specifically refer to Videos 2, 3, and 4

For more advanced individuals looking for rehabilitation-specific videos Tina Ziebart is featured in a few videos in the physio clinic Physiomed Oakville:

Several videos are on the home page and more videos can be found on the website.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Tina Ziebart


BoneFit™ Trained kinesiologist