Rana Gardner

Rana is our head administrator and your first point of contact at the Bone Research and Education Centre. She has over 14 years of experience in healthcare as both an administrator and a personal support worker.

Head Administrator

Hajar Abu AlrobBSc, MSc, PhD(c)

Hajar is the Director of clinical research at the Bone Research and Education and is responsible for overseeing the research program. She has completed her MSc in Health Research Methodology at McMaster University and is currently starting her PhD in September 2020. She has over 7 years of clinical research experience in metabolic bone diseases. Hajar’s research interests are in bone diseases and geriatrics, randomized clinical trials, observational studies and systematic reviews.

Clinical Research Director

Tadacia James

Tadacia James is a medical office administrator at the BREC. She is currently on maternity leave.

Salman IqbalBSc, MSc

Salman is a clinical research associate at the Bone Research and Education Center. He holds a Bachelor’s in Life Sciences as well as a Master’s in eHealth from McMaster University. Salman’s research interests include health informatics, clinical research methodology, and biostatistics.

Clinical Research Associate

Iman M’HiriBSc, MSc.

Iman is a clinical researcher and executive assistant to Dr Aliya Khan. She completed her master’s degree from the University of Waterloo in Molecular Physiology. Iman has over 6yrs of research experience in the areas of aging, DNA and protein analysis, metabolic disorders, genetics, and environmental toxicology. She also has a passion for education and has over 5yrs of teaching assistant experience at the University of Waterloo. Iman also has a passion for research communication. In 2018, she received the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging (RIA) Most Innovative Research Award for her graduate research. Iman is also heavily involved in patient education content development and knowledge translation.

Clinical Research Associate and Executive Assistant to Dr. Aliya Khan

Dr. Sharjil HussainMD

Dr. Sharjil Hussain is a clinical research physician at Bone Research and Education Center and is involved in clinical trials and research projects. He completed his Doctor of Medicine at the Saint James School of Medicine in St. Vincent and Grenadines. He has also completed clinical clerkships at the University of Kentucky, Emory University, University of Chicago, and Marshall University. Dr. Hussain has a passion for internal medicine, geriatrics, and addressing gaps in care for vulnerable populations.

Research Physician

Jouma MalhemMD

Dr. Jouma Malhem is a research pathologist at the Bone Research and Education Center. Jouma completed his Doctor of Medicine at the Universitatea Liberă Internațională in Moldova. He then completed his Master of Clinical Pathology in Laboratory Medicine and practiced as a Specialist Physician in Clinical Pathology at the Hanano Polyclinic in Aleppo. Dr. Malhem is MLT/A certified and fluent in Turkish, Arabic, and Russian.

Research Pathologist

Allison MagoRN

Alison Mago is a registered nurse highly experienced in intravenous drug administration and provides the intravenous infusion of osteoporosis therapies at the BREC.

Registered Nurse

M.A. Majeed KhanBA (Economics), B.Comm. Hons, CFP, CFO

Majeed specializes in Finance and Business Management, and he oversees the business operations of the Centre.

Business Manager

Christina (Tina) Ziebart R.KinPhD(c)

Tina Ziebart is a BoneFit™ Trained kinesiologist. She graduated her undergraduate and master’s from the University of Waterloo in Kinesiology. She is currently working on her PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences in a combined physical therapy program at Western University. Tina has built her career around teaching exercise to people with osteoporosis, both through research and clinically. In research, Tina has published several studies on exercise in people with osteoporosis, looking at the barriers and facilitators to exercise, understanding the influence of forward head posture on daily activities, and applying clinical frameworks to treating people with osteoporosis. She will continue her research in her Ph.D. by gaining a better understanding of patient’s expectations related to exercise, and also by running a randomized controlled trial on the effects of exercise, nutrition and falls prevention. Tina has been the Kinesiologist working at the Bone Research and Education Centre teaching group exercise classes to Dr. Khan’s patients with osteoporosis. This program has successfully run for two years and has taught over 50 people which movements to avoid in daily activities, which exercise are beneficial and which ones to avoid. Patients attending this group exercise class have noticed their strength and balance improving. Many of them feel that they are able to return to their daily activities, feeling stronger and more capable. The exercise program is no longer available at the cetnre as Tina is completing her PhD in London however she is available for a personal consultation and can be contacted by email

Clinical Research Director

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