Exercise is a non-pharmacological intervention for individuals with osteoporosis. Exercise has been shown to increase strength and improve balance, which may reduce falls and fracture risk. Individuals with osteoporosis have identified increased adherence to exercise if they are recommended to exercise from their physician. Dietary and lifestyle changes are also an important component in the management of osteoporosis. We provide patients with onsite resources such as educational material, Bone Fit Program exercise instruction, and the services of a range of qualified paramedical professionals, to support ongoing rehabilitation and patient education.

To learn more about exercise please see some videos featuring our exercise instructor Tina Ziebart:


Specifically refer to Videos 2, 3, and 4

For more advanced individuals looking for rehabilitation-specific videos Tina Ziebart is featured in a few videos in the physio clinic Physiomed Oakville:


Osteoporosis Canada Exercising Videos:


Too-Fit-To-Fracture Program Book:


Too-Fit-To-Fracture Exercise Photo Summary:


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